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List of Celebrities Who Converted to Islam for Peace and Strength

List of Celebrities Who Converted to Islam for Peace and Strength

Having embraced Islam, I felt as though I have been born once more. I determined in Islam the answers to the ones queries which I had didn't discover in Christianity.
―Jermaine Jackson

There are a whole lot of those who convert to another faith, whether or not it's miles due to the fact they come to be more spiritually inclined to the new religion they discovered, or for love as they may be required by means of law to convert. Whatever be the cause, the conversion is exactly a personal preference, however it receives giant media attention when celebrities do it. People question as to why they had to convert?Did they no longer have enough cash and reputation?Were they now not satisfied with their lives?When the answers come, humans become extra information of the human nature; the way it connects with a non secular choice through faith.

People keep in mind that money and repute are just some factors of life, and the spiritual craving must be crammed too. When the existing faith does now not offer that, human beings have a look at the alternative religions for steerage. Situations and circumstances might make them this. This Buzzle article gives a list of celebrities, who can also have gone through this sort of state of affairs that may have made them to convert to Islam.


Islam is a faith of peace. Islam does not promote terrorism or the killing of human beings...If the culprits are Muslim, they've twisted the teachings of Islam.
(After September 9/11)

✦Profession: Former Professional Boxer

✦Previous Religion: Christianity (Baptist)

✦Nationality: American

Known as Cassius Clay before changing from Christianity to Islam, Muhammad Ali met Malcolm X in 1962. It was here that he became stimulated through Malcolm X's imaginative and prescient of Nation of Islam, where there could be Black supremacy. As Ali commonplace Malcolm X as his mentor, he transformed into Islam. He transformed into the traditional Sunni Islam in 1975, and commenced following the practice of Sufism in 2005.


Of route I consider in God. Only God may want to have given me what I even have.

✦Profession: Former Basketball Star

✦Previous Religion: Undecided

✦Nationality: American

Although he had a Muslim father, Shaquille O'Neal only started training the faith currently. He credit all his success to God. He also mentioned his intention of occurring a pilgrimage to Haj. Although he appears to devoutly follow the religion these days, Shaquille keeps that he accepts all religions and does not discriminate in opposition to all people on the premise of faith.


But it wasn't an instantaneous selection - it took us 10 years to transform. The alternate in religion changed into like washing away the past.

✦Profession: Academy Award-prevailing Music Composer

✦Previous Religion: Atheist/Hindu

✦Nationality: Indian

Previously referred to as Dileep Kumar, Rahman become an atheist on the grounds that formative years. After his father's dying, his family went through bothered instances. His sister fell critically ill, and Rahman looked closer to faith for energy. His mother become a Muslim, and so he took up Islam due to the fact he stated that it gave him electricity and peace. He practices Sufism, and his devotion can be seen superbly included in the songs he composes.


Being a Muslim is who I am as a person. God will must forgive me if I forgot a few matters. I hope he does, at least.

✦Profession: Former Boxing Champion

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: American

The Baddest Man On the Planet turned into convicted of rape in 1992 and became sentenced to 6 years in prison. After living a excessive existence of a celeb and throwing money away on luxuries that surprised even the richest of human beings, prison was a go back to the stark fact of lifestyles for Tyson. It become at the same time as serving his sentence that Tyson took up Islam. After his jail sentence, he's now pressured to live paycheck to paycheck. He credits Allah for making him humble; he says that he desires Allah and may be very thankful for being a Muslim.


What commenced as highbrow interest slowly ripened into a dawning consciousness of the generic and eternal reality this is Islam.

✦Profession: Heiress, Associate Editor

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: British

Born as Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith, Khan transformed to Islam some months previous to her marriage to Pakistani cricketer-became-baby-kisser, Imran Khan. Although human beings viewed this conversion as her attempt to smoothen her move to Pakistan, Jemima maintains that her conversion was her choice and became in no manner moved quickly. She took to the alternative traditions such as overlaying her head whilst dwelling in Lahore and additionally getting to know Urdu.


To me the pleasant faith is the manner you stay. Not by means of a e book or by way of what someone tells you. By the way you live. That's your religion as it's your lifestyles and it tells precisely who you are and what's gonna take place whilst you're long gone. That's my belief.

✦Profession: Rapper, Basketball Coach

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: American

Snoop Dogg converted to Islam within the year 2009. He refuses to offer the exact date of his conversion. Like Muhammad Ali, he was prompted via Nation of Islam too. He has noted the cause for the conversion to turning into a higher character, correcting his errors, and attempting to reveal the human beings the proper manner. This conversion did now not remaining for long as he transformed to the Rastafarian faith 2012. He claimed that he was born again and changed his name to Snoop Lion.


Well as a religious adventure, I do not assume I might have been able to be as a hit as I turned into as an athlete if it have been not for Islam. It gave me a ethical anchor, it enabled me to not be materialistic, it enabled me to look more what become essential within the international.

✦Profession: Former Basketball Star, US Ambassador

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: American

Born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., Jabbar is arguably one of the great basketball players of all time. He transformed into Islam after he traced his circle of relatives line to the slaves who have been brought to america. He keeps that they were Muslim, and he's doing his duty to his heritage by using converting into Islam. Although he has had an illustrious profession, some newshounds cite his faith as a reason for the relatively much less amount of repute he has obtained as compared to Michael Jordan.


Maybe we will meet at a bar / He'll power a cool automobile / Maybe he's going to be a Qatari-born retail billionaire / And I'll convert to Islam.

✦Profession: Singer

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: American

Sister of Michael Jackson, Janet transformed to Islam after her marriage to Wissam Al Mana, a billionaire businessman based totally in Qatar. She did this in 2013, and has in view that then given up song and retired from the amusement commercial enterprise. She said that she grew tired of the cutthroat opposition inside the industry and wanted time away from the snooping paparazzi. Coincidentally, her brothers Jermaine and Michael Jackson (who is no more) also transformed into Islam.


I am a believer and due to the fact that I transformed to Islam, I think, I became stronger, I became mentally and bodily stronger.

✦Profession: Professional Footballer

✦Previous Religion: Christianity

✦Nationality: French

Like Nicolas Anelka and Zinedine Zidane before him, Franck Ribéry additionally transformed to Islam. He turned into closely influenced via his Algerian spouse who added the religion to him. He became a practising and religious Muslim after the conversion and changed his name to Bilal Yusuf. He credit Islam for making him mentally and bodily stronger. The truth that he changed into a Muslim got here to light in the course of an after-fit party whilst Jérôme Boateng splashed beer on Ribéry, angering him.


I've struggled a lot with my Muslim identification, in element because in my family there had been two very specific perspectives on it.

✦Profession: TV Personality, Physician

✦Previous Religion: Undecided

✦Nationality: Turkish, American

Although no longer technically a convert, he is covered on this list because of the surprise he generates while people come to realize that he's a Muslim. Dr. Oz is both an American and Turkish. He became born in a Muslim circle of relatives, but has struggled to become aware of with the faith. His mom become very secular and his father a devout Muslim, making Oz query his non secular exercise. Eventually, he customary the religious components of Islam, and on the same time, studying Swedenborgian Christianity―his spouse's faith.

Other well-known individuals who transformed to Islam encompass comedian Dave Chappelle, rapper Ice Cube, Malcolm X, and Akon. There had been rumors that even Princess Diana desired to convert to Islam before she met with that dreadful twist of fate that took her lifestyles.

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